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    • Column mounted surveillance cameras
       Company News
      This garden lights camera comes standard with 1/3 "SONY CCD, high-definition camera; energy-saving lighting systems; lamp, camera independent power supply; wall lamp can customize the switch, the camera 24 hours of uninterrupted work project to deploy more simple; To upscale residential area, the villa offers an upgrade district level and reduce the wiring of garden lights monitor combo products, but we also provide the same paragraph of pure Wall light.
    • Advantage of ip camera
       Company News
      With the progress of society, the network transmission has been the mainstream products,
      security monitoring industry is the leader .

    • HW0031
      Wifi,720P,P2P,TF Card
    • JW0018
      Wifi,P2P,TF Card
    • JW0013
      Wifi,P2P,TF Card
    • JW0010
      P2P, Dome,PT,Waterproof
    • HW0039
      Focus and Zoom, PTZ, HD,720P
    • JW0019
      Outdoor,P2P,Support TF Card
    • HW0037
      Wifi,P2P,3C NO.Video Call,TF Card,U-Disk
    • HW0030-1
      Wifi,P2P,TF Card,Alarm Port
    • HW0030
      Wifi,720P,P2P,TF Card,Alarm Port
    • HW0028
    • HW0034
    • HW0033
    • HW0036
    • HW0035
      Wifi,P2P,3C Card,Video Call,TF Card,U-Disk
    • HW0024-G
      Wifi,Megapixel,P2P,TF Card,I/O Port
    • HW0024
      Megapixel,P2P,TF Card,I/O Alarm Port
    • JW0012-G
      Wifi,P2P,TF Card,Alarm System
    • JW0009
      Wifi,P2P,TF Card
    • JW0008
    • JW0003
      Wifi,P2P,Baby Monitor

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